The Wonders of Lemon and Honey

Weight loss is a great topic nowadays. People are ready to do anything to reduce their weight but do not think that a proper diet might help. I stay in India and my grandma has given me a simple solution to cut my weight. When you get up early in the morning, just add two teaspoons each of lemon and honey in warm water, and drink it. You can also have them separately, like take it one day with honey and the next day with lemon. Two things are important here: your stomach should be empty and make sure to use warm water. Bear in mind that honey, when taken in cold water or anything that is not warm, will increase your weight.

It will take some time before you can see the difference in your weight. But if you just keep at it, you will surely see the difference, and I can promise that to you. Taking lemon and honey is not that hard and it can be a daily routine before taking any other drink in the morning. Honey by nature has many medicinal qualities. My mom used to mix it with pepper powder in warm water – a solution that not only helps to reduce weight but also dispels unwanted gas from the body. It will thus make you feel lighter.

This honey-lemon drink routine also complemented my daily walking exercise. My best advice to you is to take daily morning walks at least for 20 minutes, then take honey or lemon mixed in warm water (one or two teaspoons each) after 10 minutes. Stop worrying about your weight because you will see changes in 3 months. Though the result will take some time, this is an effective and easy natural method. This will not do any harm to your body unless you have any allergy problem. Trust me!

- Rafah

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