Transformation with Body Gospel Workout

“It was early last year when I realized that I had become majorly overweight and seriously had to do something about it. This obesity got me depressed as I viewed my lifestyle as absolutely pathetic. Then I heard about the Body Gospel workout program from my friend. It is a workout program with an extremely effective methodology to lose weight and involves a fun element too. I began this program and was pleased to find out that I had lost about 25 lbs within a span of one year.

“The Body Gospel workout program generated metabolic activity, known as ketosis, in my body. Basically this activity burns the body’s excess fat reserves. With my depression, my body was storing fat excessively as I was in a state of constant stress. This leads to increasing appetite levels because the body feels frequent hunger pangs due to the need to store fat.

“The Body Gospel workout program incorporates Gospel music which is extremely spiritual and inspirational. Listening to gospel music helped restore my faith in God, which ultimately transformed my body, mind and soul. Through the Body Gospel workout program, I have regained the optimal composure of my mind. Nowadays I react with increased patience and intensity during stress situations. I have also begun to control my emotions better.

“The Body Gospel workout program includes ‘Body Revival’, which I do for about half an hour. This includes a lot of strenuous cardiovascular exercises to lose extra calories and enhance one’s energy level. This is followed by the ‘Core Revelation’, which helps me tone my love handles and shed the extra pounds in the abdominal region.

“The entire program helped me keep my diabetes in check. I have never been more fit both physically and mentally ever since I started the Body Gospel workout program. Today, it has become an inseparable part and parcel of my life.”

— Amrit

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