Proper diet and yoga for weight loss

"I was on the heavier side and weighed a staggering 75 kilos. Because of my heavy weight, I had high blood pressure, suffered from acidity, constipation and had several other problems. I always had gripping pain in my chest and the doctors advised me to lose weight and go for a less stressful lifestyle.

“First, I joined a gym and it turned out to be a disaster. While I did lose, I’d regain it after just a few days. Finally, I consulted a dietician who suggested a weight loss diet that worked out very well. Within three months, I lost 5 kg and slowly within a year, my weight reduced to 60 kg. Now I am perfectly fit and fine.

“A few important weight loss secrets that I want to share are:

• Whole, as in whole grains or whole fruit, is always the better option.
• Juices are nothing more than sugary water. So it is better to eat whole fruits as it is rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers.
• Nuts are good but one should always keep track of how much one eats as too much can be dangerous.
• Always remember that gaining weight is easier than losing weight.

“I sincerely followed a weight loss diet that comprised a wholesome breakfast of toast, a glass of milk and any seasonal fruit, a light lunch of rice, pulses and veggies and an early dinner. I was advised never to skip any meals. My weight loss effort has helped me develop a healthier approach towards life and has made me more disciplined in life.

“I have also been doing yoga as weight loss has led to facial wrinkles. By doing yoga, my skin has a healthy glow. It also prevents excessive sagging and dryness, improves the blood circulation, reduces body toxins and acidity."

— Wholesome in Harvey, ND

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Yes, i have heard a lot of yoga and still lazy to give it a try, but not after reading this post! thanks Weight Loss Diet

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