Losing Weight: Is it ever easy?

For those of us who have struggled to lose weight over the years, promises of quick fixes can either excite us or fall on deaf ears depending on how we're feeling about ourselves. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember, sometimes slimming down only to regain the weight a few months later. Fortunately, I've finally found a solution that is easy, simple and works for me. My friends have tried similar approaches and have also succeeded. .It's not quick nor happens overnight, but it works.

So, what is the recipe for success?

Firstly, I stopped thinking about food all of the time. It seems strange but it can be done. How? I just find other things to focus on, and keep in mind how I'd feel once the weight is lost.

Then I reduced my carbohydrate intake – not through anything like Atkin's or other low carb diets, but just by cutting back on the amount. And I don't generally mix carbs with proteins.

I eat less than I did before. Not a lot less, but once I've put what I think is the right amount on my plate, I take a small spoonful or so off. Unless I'm really hungry, I don't go back for more.

I only eat food that I think is tasty – preferably delicious.

So, for example, I had a poached egg with cheese on top with some lovely hand-carved ham this morning. Some mornings, I have toast or some crackers with cheese. But I do eat breakfast every morning, something I didn't used to do. And I really enjoy it.

Then for lunch, I’ll have either some soup, chicken or fish in sauce, a salad with a really tasty dressing, and maybe some delicious cheese or yoghurt-based vegetable dish – it all depends on how I feel. Something similar is for dinner – I do try to eat more at lunch and less in the evenings, but it depends on whether I’m socializing and what people around me are doing.

So there’s really no secret magic recipe, but my top tips based on what have worked so well for me are:

  • Eat a bit less than normal.
  • Reduce your carbs and eat more protein.
  • Visualize what you’ll look and feel like when you’re slim.
  • Stop worrying and thinking about food all of the time.

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