Loads of Compliments

"I was deeply distressed that day when I visited my family doctor. I was suffering from severe stomach pain and had to consult him. “You are killing yourself,” he said the moment he saw me. I was already aware that I had put on considerable weight because all those dresses which were perfect for me no longer fit. But what my doctor pointed out made me pledge to reduce my weight.

“But how to do it became a dilemma. There were many options: exercise, Ayurvedic weight loss treatments, dieting, special oils or tablets, etc. I remembered a friend with this same problem who had become a slim beauty. So when I reached home, I called her right away. She had a number of ideas and suggestions for me. The methodology she told me was a blend of exercise and perfect diet. I had already made a decision not to use any kinds of oils or tablets as its side effects are uncertain.

“From the next day, I started to work hard. The first thing I did was to buy a weighing scale. I was shocked to find out that my weight on that particular day was 83 kg, which was 18 kg more than what I used to weigh. So I resolved to do something about it at once. I prepared a chart in which there were two columns: one for the date and the other for the weight. And fortnightly I started to check and mark it in that sheet.

“Then I made a decision to get up early and walk for an hour. Even after reaching the weight I planned, I continued this habit. Whereas before I would be very lazy of getting up early, I changed a lot when weight loss was my primary concern. As soon as I get up, I drink two glasses of water and go for a walk. I start slowly and then increase my speed. For the first two months, the methodology I followed was just this simple exercise. The result was amazing: I lost 4 kg so my weight was down to 79. Then I became very confident and also joined a good gym. I emphasized my weight loss concern to the instructor from the start. So he suggested to me all kinds of workout to reduce my weight.

“Considering my diet, the first thing I changed was junk food. I was a fan of all kinds of junk food. Whenever I felt like eating unhealthy food, I started to take fruits and vegetable salads. I also drink eight glasses of water even if I don’t like it. I stopped the habit of having food in front of my television. Unknowingly, this provoked me to have more than what I actually need. All these new food habits really helped me a lot. Believe it or not, my weight came to 62 kg after 6 months. It was so refreshing. Then I went back to my family doctor who showered me with loads of compliments. Now I feel proud of myself for making such a decision and for implementing it."

— Shiji

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