How Ayurvedic massage oil worked for me

“Obesity or overweight was always a major cause of concern for me until I was advised about a product that was based on Ayurvedic treatment. It changed my world over. Now I'm in good shape and with that comes immense confidence about all the things I do.

“It was that period between my early teenage years and the early tweens when I suffered a lot from the extra fat I was carrying around in my body. Being overweight led to lots of personal problems such as lack of self esteem and confidence. During those days, I never enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror because what I saw embarrassed me. As a result, I was almost always depressed. I took to many cures to reduce my weight, like going for a walk during early morning hours, playing frequently, taking pills and syrups. But none of them proved to work for me.

“After all these trials, it was that advice or suggestion from our family doctor that proved the most effective. He told me to go for a product based on Ayurvedic treatment because this included all the weight loss essentials. Initially, I was skeptical about it but then I decided to give it a try.
“So I bought the product and I must admit it worked. The product was basically massage oil developed from various herbs that help in naturally reducing weight. I was also told that my weight was not only a result of fat accumulation but was also due to my depression. So I had to combat both my issues at the same time, and this massage oil was the best option I could go for.

“The procedures were as follows. I had to lie down straight and the oil would be applied all over my body. Once the oil is applied, I had to lie there for quite some time after which it should be deeply massaged with specific movements. This was done thrice everyday for almost three weeks. Fortunately for me, there were two people who helped me carry out the process.

“After two to three weeks of using this product, I was so surprised to notice drastic changes in me. I eventually lost 8 to 10 kilos and brought my body back to shape and also reinstated my state of mind. I owe all this to my family doctor and the Ayurvedic massage oil.”

— Pringu

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