Getting back into shape with good diet and exercise

"As I was rapidly gaining weight, I launched a weight loss program to enable me to get back into shape. My doctor had advised that I should take nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and milk to keep my bones strong; and not starve myself. He also recommended that I exercise simultaneously. Though it was difficult, I told myself that if I wanted to lose weight and regain my figure, I had to be tough and keep to the strict regimen.

“On Day 1, I began with a large cup of vegetable soup and after an hour or so, went on to walk on the treadmill for half an hour at a brisk pace. Needless to say, I began to increase my speed as the days went by, and burnt a lot more calories. My treadmill exercises were followed by some abdominal exercises and crunches, which I gradually increased with each passing day. I was careful not to throw myself into doing a lot of exercise one day and ending up with pain for the next couple of days.

“Around 10 each morning, I’d have a tall tumbler of fruit juice made of apple, pomegranate, pineapple, sweet lime, melon, watermelon, grape or whatever fruit was in season. Then at lunch time, I’d have nothing but a variety of healthy home-cooked food like boiled and lightly seasoned sprouts, a whole lot of greens (spinach and the like) and some steamed vegetables like carrots, cabbage, French beans and peas. I was cautioned not to take too much cabbage or cauliflower as these might trigger thyroid problems so I restricted my intake of these two vegetables.

“Every evening, I would go for an invigorating swim for 45 minutes and do some light abdominal exercises. Then I would take a real hot bath to help relieve my tiredness and relax my muscles. My dinner consisted of only one medium-sized chapati (flour made into dough with water, rolled out and fried on a flat pan without oil), a piece or two of chicken and a salad. Before I would hit the sack, I’d have a warm cup of diluted milk to give me the calcium I needed.

“If I felt hunger pangs between meals, I would have a large piece of cucumber or some fruits. I strictly avoided pastries, chocolates, butter and cheese; not to mention chips, hot dogs, pizza and the like. Within a matter of three months, I lost a remarkable amount of weight and was back to my old swanky self. I still watch my figure by cutting out all unhealthy foods and continuing with my daily exercises as they do wonders for my muscle tone and keep me in good shape."

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