Hydroxycut Helped Me to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau and Help Me Feel Better

Let me start off by telling you a little about me. My name is Jason and I am about to turn 31 years old in a couple of days when I am writing this. Now out of my 30 years that I have been alive so far I have been obese for at least 2/3's of that. The simple facts were that I wasn't getting any exercise unless it was mandated by schools and I was sabotaging myself with horrible eating habits, half a gallon of coke for the day? No problem!

When I turned into my second decade I started to get serious about wanting to lose weight, I started exercising better and my diet became cleaner (not to suggest it was anywhere near perfect) at first I started losing weight and I felt great. After all when you are working out you want to see results, you want to feel better about yourself sure, but you want to be able to feel it in your clothes and see it in the mirror.

When I reached my first plateau about four months into losing weight I was disheartened, I felt like I was doing something wrong, I felt like I was doing something wrong because let's face it, I was doing the same exact exercise, I wasn't eating anything extra, but yet I wasn't losing any weight? That is when I saw an ad for Hydroxycut, and I have to say it made a massive difference in working out.

When I first started taking Hydroxycut I noticed that I was less sleepy, I had more energy and I felt like someone had turned up the furnace inside my stomach, overall I felt my metabolism getting a kick start. Even though I don't consider it a "miracle drug" it certainly helped me, it gave me more energy, it surprised some appetite and it allowed me to break through my first plateau when it came to losing weight, thus keeping me motivated to continue.

If you are already doing solid on your weight loss and you want to give yourself a little boost, I can safely recommend Hydroxycut as a good supplement, it helped me!