Self Weight Loss Success Story

The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio MaxThis is a real story and whether you want to believe or not it is up to you. I am Sudipta and I was 84 kgs. As usual used to look very fatty those days. It was because of post pregnancy and my food habit. I used to love taking potato as an ingredient in almost all foods.

One day I decided to lose few kilos from and I thought of joining VLCC weight loss program. They used to charge 18000 INR (Indian Rupees) those days, if I remember correctly. I went there and find it is of no use. They promised that I will lose 18kgs but I lost only 3kgs. I left that program with a lot of frustration and went to my family physician. To find the root cause of this fatness.

He gave me a diet chart and it was without potato, without sweets. My starting days of losing weight was very miserable. I had to control myself a lot. But I was determined and I decided myself to get a beautiful figure as I was before pregnancy. I started to follow that diet chart strictly and loss around 5 kgs. That time I was 79kgs.

My husband told me why don't you join gym? I thought of instead joining in gym better I will go for regular household work. I started doing all those household work that I can’t even imagine of doing. Started running behind kid, started doing dusting, cleaning and all the staff. I started losing weight and over a period of 6 months I became 63kgs.

Element: Pilates Weight Loss for BeginnersI am 5 ft 5 inches tall. And now I look an ideal figure almost. People who knows me they started saying that I went back to my college days and doesn’t look like a mother of 10 years old daughter. This is an appreciation indeed for me.

Losing weight was a project for me but maintaining it is also a challenging one. I still maintain diet hart provided by my family physician. I started taking potato, sweets all my in limited quantity. I don’t feel exhausted like earlier when I was 84 kgs.

I hope being a human being if you determine to do something you can do it all with your effort, don’t have to waste money with all bull-shit weight reducing program. Decide your own and try it out, you can do it very well.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have always known that doing things like parking further away when going to the store or carrying bags instead of using a cart were healthier, but I would never have suspected it was that good for you. This is truly inspirational.

Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

thats why indian women are healthy, the work they do at home keeps them fit and healthy

may be west should learn from india women

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