Whey Protein Shake Meal and Workout - Best Recipe to Help You Lose Weight and Burn Calories

All of my life, I have always been overweight, and at times, even obese. During my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I realized that my lifestyle was unhealthy and something had to be done.

I lost over fifty pounds in less than a year by drinking protein shakes. I would have a protein shake as soon as I wake up, and right before I went to sleep. I also drank a protein shake after a workout.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 PoundIt is not enough to just drink the protein shake itself. One must have an active lifestyle consisting of both cardiovascular and resistance training. One's eating habits must also change in order to transform his or her body with protein powder. During this time, I have five to six small, healthy meals spread throughout the day. I would have a meal about every three hours.

One's drinking habits must also change. During this journey of losing weight and getting fit, I only drank protein powder mixed with water, and water by itself. Before going to bed, I would mix the protein powder with milk instead of water because the protein content in milk allows for slower digestion throughout the night to prevent metabolism.

The type of protein powder I was consuming was whey protein. The brand does not really matter, but aim for something that has at least twenty grams of protein and less than two hundred calories.

After weight loss is achieved, a healthy lifestyle is necessary in order to hold on to this success. I have also experienced a huge success in weight loss, but then stopped what I was doing and gained half of the weight before I even realized I was gaining weight. You don't want to lose weight forever though. Once you are at your targeted weight, consume just enough calories to maintain your weight.


kali said...

Protein is a part of every cell in our body, and no other nutrient plays as many different roles in keeping you alive and healthy.It helps to create the antibodies for our immune system which needs to fight disease.Our body can digest and use animal protein more easily than plant protein.But if we eat more, it will induce a excess fat in our body. So we can use protein shakes to maintain the fat level as well as calorie level.I am suggesting you to drink these protein shakes and do proper body exercise so that you can maintain your body in a better way.

Anonymous said...

Best Recipe that helps to Lose Weight and Burn Calories is the light food which contains no fat. Fat is the important thing which makes our body fat.. So it is advisable to eat healthy food which are rich in proteins and not the junk food.

lorna vanderhaeghe said...

Protein shakes add more stamina when you're doing exercise.

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