Weight Watchers Online Weight Loss Program - I lost 32 lbs in 3 Months!

Weight Watchers All-Time Favorites: Over 200 Best-Ever Recipes from the Weight Watchers Test KitchensIn October 2010 I enrolled in Weight Watchers Online program. At the time I weighed 240 pounds and really needed to lose weight. I have tried many diets and they had not worked but I saw an internet ad for this online program and I decided to try it.

After signing up and studying the documents that came along with the program I was ready to start the next morning. Each day I use the tools that come along with the program to plan my days meals. I search for the foods I am going to eat to determine how many points each item is. If the food does not come up in the search I enter the nutrition details of the food in the calculator to determine their point value. Then I enter them into my daily record.

To my surprise the amount of food that I am able to eat while losing weight has been comfortable and the plan allows me to eat without worrying whether or not I am overeating. All I have to do is stay within my point allowance for the day.

If I have a special event to go to there are weekly points that I can draw from which allows me to go to family dinners and special events without worrying about ruining my diet. The program aims to help me lose about two pounds per week. In the early weeks I lost about three to four pounds per week. Now after almost three months I am losing about two pound each week.

So far I have lost 32 pounds and I've lost almost five inches on my waist. I have only exceeded my points allowance one week because we had three special events in one week and I went over by seventeen points because I ate cake at my anniversary dinner. For that week I only lost one pound but it was still a victory because the next day I was back on the plan and having more good days.

I feel like I will succeed with my weight loss plan because the online program takes care of the toughest aspect of losing weight, which is maintaining. The plan provides assistance as I work to maintain my loss.

I am very excited about learning how to keep my weight off and about Weight Watchers and I am enjoying the new me I am becoming.


Anonymous said...

i can really understand the writers feeling - i have similar problems.
a friend of mine told me, she would do the weight watchers thing too, and guess what? she lost 8 ponds in 2 weeks now. slow but steady progress!
i will start it too.

Anonymous said...

Please advise me, I have stuck to the plan for 4 weeks and lost only 3lb, one week I actually gained 1lb!! I walk for a hour or more 3 times a week but also do shorter walks the other days, I love the plan but feel little deflated with the results

Jennifer said...

i paired Weightwatchers with an online fitness program called Workoutbuddyx.com, which is sort of similar to P90X, but more catered toward weight loss and getting fit. I'm not sure which program did more, but lost about 18 lbs in 3 months. Also keep them off for another month afterward.

Maria Melo said...

This is very useful post for me. This will absolutely going to help me in my project.

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