Weight Watchers On Line Review

Weight Watchers New Complete CookbookAs I entered my early thirties, the weight that had been slowing creeping up on me in the past few years, bloomed into more than just pudge or some womanly curves; I was really overweight. And I felt it. I was always tired and not as much fun as I had once been; I was more irritable and none of my clothes fit; I was wearing more and more baggy clothes and less colors.

I’d had enough. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big girl; I like my curves and my curves like me. I just needed to get back down to a weight that didn’t interfere with me doing the things I loved to do. Once I resolved to change my weight, the question was ‘which plan to choose’?

I am a total foodie, so a diet plan made of prepackaged meals was just not going to work for me. I get mean when I’m hungry and the thought of cutting out certain foods groups in their entirety had absolutely no appeal.

After some research into the subject I choose weight watchers. I chose the online weight watchers because with my schedule, I never have the same day off from work each week, and because I loved the idea of being able to have support, information, recipes and guides at my fingertips twenty-four hours a day.

Weight Watchers Take-Out Tonight! : 150+ Restaurant Favorites to Make at Home--All 8 POINTS or LessThe online system has been amazing. I lost four pounds the first week, before losing an average of two pounds a week after that. Even when the plan changed, I continued to lose an average of two pounds a week without a hitch. The plan works because nothing is off-limits, but the plan helps you to assume responsibility for the choices you make and guides you towards making healthy choices.

As a chunky girl who loves food, starving or even being hungry is not my idea of a good time, yet with this plan, I was full and satisfied and felt great; I ate rib roast on Christmas and pizza when I wanted it. I ate out with friends and really enjoyed watching my body change.

I am very happy with my experience with Weight Watchers and am almost down to my goal weight; once there, I plan to be a lifetime member; it’s just that good.

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