Weight Watchers Dieting Helped me to Lose Baby Fat After 3 Pregnancies

Weight Watchers Weight Loss That LastsI have three wonderful children – each one is my pride and joy, each is a precious treasure, and each came with a special gift - 20 pounds of “after-baby” fat that, thankfully, I always managed to lose within six months of childbirth. I followed the Weight Watchers plan after each of my pregnancies. It was the perfect match for my lifestyle.

Weight Watchers worked well for me because I could eat nearly everything I usually ate, only in controlled portions, which were generous in size, and never left me feeling empty or hungry after meals.

After my third child’s birth a few years ago, Weight Watchers’ frozen food line was available in most grocery stores, and it made my post-delivery dieting even simpler. I stocked up my freezer, and could grab a quick lunch, or filling breakfast sandwich on the go; on nights when the family had pizza, I would treat myself to one of my favorite Weight Watchers dinners – the meatloaf that actually tasted homemade, or their baked potato with broccoli and truly creamy cheese, and a fresh salad. I felt satisfied, and didn’t really miss that slice of pizza – well, hardly not.

I discovered two secrets that made my after-baby dieting successful. I made sure I was ready to start my program the day I came home from the hospital. I stocked up on my diet foods and fresh items ahead of time, and getting into my diet routine immediately on my first day home quickly set in motion patterns and habits that sustained me through the months ahead.

Secondly, I was easy on myself. A baby’s first year is a time of stress and major change. I was generous with my benchmarks. The one-year mark worked well for me – I didn’t feel pressured by time, and I was never hard on myself if I fell off the wagon for a few days, or my weight loss came to a standstill or plateau. There was time enough to recover.

Oh, and one other little secret - that brand new baby; there’s no better incentive to get back into shape than a brand new baby who depends on you for everything.


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The Weight watchers plan is a really useful tool for reducing your weight after childbirth. It not only keeps you in perfect shape but also provides you with a wonderful feeling of having healthy children. Weight Watchers’ frozen food line that is available in most grocery stores is also very good.

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