Special K Diet Challenge Really Works - I've Lost 6lbs in Only 2 Weeks - My Review

Special K Cereal, Original, 18-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)Everyone's heard about this lately, and you see it plastered all over every product of theirs in the grocery store - The Special K challenge suggests that you can lose up to 6 lbs, or one jean size, in just two weeks.

Sounds like just a really great marketing scheme, doesn't it? Plus, I've always thought these "fad diets" were silly - impossible to maintain. But losing a jean size was sounding pretty good, and I figured two weeks of eating things that I already eat (cereal, protein bars, fruit, etc.) would be worth a try. And it was a plan that wouldn't cost me a fortune.

Basically, the instructions are to eat a specific portion of Special K cereal (or meal shakes or meal bars, they have many choices) for breakfast and lunch every day, with two snacks in between, being either their snack bars or a piece of fresh fruit.

Dinner is up to you - whatever healthy choice you might normally make, so long as you don't pig out. Drinks are fair game too (again, of course, assuming you aren't chugging milk shakes every day). Simple enough, right? It was easy to follow, straight forward, and I didn't feel like I was starving the whole time.

Well, after two weeks of this meal plan, along with regular exercise on my Wii Fit program, it really worked!

Wii Fit Plus with Balance BoardMany people may argue that when you do diets like this, you will only gain the weight back after you get tired of that food, but honestly, after limiting my intake of foods for two weeks, I feel that I am out of my previous habit of overindulging and overeating.

I've really learned how to have self control on my portions, snacks, and meal choices. Though I probably won't continue to eat only Special K for breakfast and lunch, I'll be able to take what I learned from the experience to maintain a healthy figure. And that is the best way to stay healthy!


kali said...

Health is wealth is a proverb. We need to maintain our body fit by doing some exercise. I heard 'Wii Fit program' is really reducing the weight and keep the body so fit. I will advice my friends to experience this. Special K cereal is really a good product to reduce the weight. My friend used this before. His weight got reduced from 95 kg 75 kg in 2 to 3 months. So I will suggest you to use these products.

Anonymous said...

Good article! It's not hard to diet when you have Special K since it tastes so good in the first place :). I agree as well, that limiting your food intake for the Special K challenge helps you build positive habits for the future.

Anonymous said...

This seems an good idea. Several weight loss programs are there, but still this seems pretty good. This will be surely help the people who wants to reduce weight, especially me..I love this a lot.

shinki said...

Really good.i lost ma weight..try once..

mikle abraham said...

Nice product. it,s really helpful for all.meal bars for dogs

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