Sonoma Diet Review - Wine, Chocolate, and Better Living.

The New Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, More Energy in Just 10 DaysI was extremely pleased when I tried the Sonoma Diet. I have tried to simply eat better or eat out less, but the Sonoma Diet had some really good recommendations. Basically, you begin the diet by going off sugar and carbs for a week. This was VERY painful as I was craving it all the time. But, after that week, you can then add fresh fruit – and my favorite, a glass of wine a night.

The diet emphasizes fresh food and lean meat along with much smaller portion sizes. They have great recipes that can be used throughout the week and delicious spice rubs in the cookbook. There is a supplemental cookbook that I also bought and I still use it. I liked that the book emphasized that this was not a restrictive diet, but a healthy way of eating, so that if you eat poorly for a day or even a meal, you are not “off your diet.” You just need to make better choices at the next meal.

The Sonoma Diet CookbookWhile some of the healthy eating advice did ring a little cheesy, the food was really good and the recipes were pretty easy and quick, so it was a diet I could do. In six weeks, I lost about ten pounds and I kept it off until I got pregnant. I also found that I eat less bread and less sugar as a lasting effect.

Unfortunately, I still struggle with portion sizes. Now that I have had the baby, I am planning to go back on the diet. I feel confident that the diet will work for me because I can cook one night and use it the next day for lunch. The flavorful food is really delicious and I still cook with the rubs. In short, if you want a diet that encourages you to have a glass of wine and to cook tasty food, this is a great diet for you.

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I have read some of the Dr. Connie's books on weight loss, Sonoma Diet is little different - Wine & Chocolate. I think it would be good meal too...

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