The Primal Blueprint Review - I lost 100lbs in One Year

The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energyMy first year of graduate school was not easy on my waistline. After my first year, I was tipping the scales at 350 lbs. For the next two years, I tried a number of low fat diets. None of them seemed to work very well for me.

Over the two years, I had lost around 10 lbs. or so, which was very disheartening. I was still obese and very unhappy. A random conversation with a friend on Facebook changed my life around.

An old friend of mine, Tiffany, told me she had lost 50 lbs on some crazy caveman diet called the Primal Blueprint. She followed a blog called Mark’s Daily Apple, and used many of the primal nutrition products sold there. I figured I would give it a shot and learned about the diet and products.

It turns out that it was very similar to the Atkin’s diet. It is a low carbohydrate diet with an emphasis on eating organic meat and vegetables. If you can’t grow it or kill it, it is off the menu. That means no dairy, grains, and any other form of processed foods.

The controversial part of the diet comes from the fact that 50% of the calories you eat every day should come from fat sources. At first, I had a hard time wrapping my head around how a diet that high in fat could be healthy for you. One of the advantages of being a college student is free access to journal articles. This allowed me to check all of the references, facts, and ideas that the Primal Blueprint suggests.

Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals: Delicious, Primal-approved meals you can make in 2 to 20 minutesAfter a few weeks of research, I came to realize that it has never once been absolutely proven that saturated fats cause weight gain or heart attacks. I figured I would be safe, even though this went against everything conventional wisdom suggests. After doing the research, I followed the diet perfectly for the next year.

So far I have lost over 100 pounds and have boundless energy. I also eat roughly twice the amount of food as I did before, and I’m happier than I have ever been. This program has saved my life and I think everyone should try it before instantly dismissing it like many of my friends have.

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The idea that saturated fats are bad is a social norm that I think shouldn't be spread. Fat is just a source of energy for long term use for our bodies. I want to congratulate you on your success, 100 lbs is not easy at all. I will have to look into this diet

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