Fruta Planta - Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What have people reported about their experience with Fruta Planta? Does Fruta Planta really work?

The results are mixed. Fruta Planta has worked for many but became disastrous for others. Fruta Planta is an appetite suppressant and is touted by PRock Marketing, its official US distributor, as an all-natural pill designed for holistic healing originally formulated to shed off pregnancy-related weight gain.

Product testimonials appearing on indicate increased metabolism and weight loss for both men and women even without conscious dieting or exercise. The official US distributor claims that Fruta Planta targets soft fatty tissue areas such as the arms, legs, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Freewheeling discussion on generally bear out intermittent results: Fruta Planta works if it’s the real thing and not when people use duplicate and/or imitation versions. Aside from the official US distributor, the weight-loss pill is available in online stores and neighborhood retail outlets. Fake versions of the pill tend not to work.

Laboratory testing done by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2010 determined that Fruta Planta contains sibutramine, which is banned for US and European distribution for safety reasons. The official distributor maintains that Fruta Planta is an all-natural pill and only counterfeits contain sibutramine. While Fruta Planta is not on the FDA’s current list of tainted products, the government agency’s health fraud alert on this weight loss pill remains active.

How long does it take to see results with Fruta Planta?

Again, results vary. The official claim is 1-7 lbs within one week. Some product users posting on discussion forums have reported losing 5-8 lbs within one week. The range of reported weight loss includes 5-17 lbs within 3 weeks, 16-35 lbs within 3 months and up to 45 lbs in 5 months. PRock Marketing recommends monitoring weight loss during the first 45 days of intake before evaluating for results.

Where can you buy authentic Fruta Planta?

PRock Marketing, which operates, says it is the only source of authentic Fruta Planta. However, many have bought Fruta Planta from other online stores and neighborhood retail outlets. Product reviews on Fruta Planta from alternative sources are mixed but many have reported positive results. has specified that authentic Fruta Planta products have the following markings:

A: Product name spelled correctly.
Manufactured seals, stickers and stamps– There are 4
B: Closure seal certificate sticker on the top of the box.
C: Pink and gray lot manufacture sticker.
D: All the letters in the red “SGZW” circle are all visible and not covered by any other elements of the box.
E: Spanish silver embossed seal, found on both sides of box.
F: English instructions found inside the box has manufacture certified silver embossed seal sticker.
G: NEW INSTRUCTIONS -All instructions are properly translated in English and Spanish for our US clients to understand.

How and when do you take Fruta Planta?

PRock Marketing recommends taking one capsule per day with hot water after eating a light breakfast. It would also be ideal to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and to get the recommended protein intake. To avoid trouble sleeping, it says the pill must be taken 12-15 hours before you intend to sleep. The official distributor says it works best when complemented with one gallon of water or more per day to flush out toxins.

To speed up results, it recommends eating healthy, cutting sugar intake, and doing light to moderate exercises, such as a 20-30 minute walk each day, on a weekly basis. It says one must also support exercising with appropriate intake of carbohydrates to shore up energy levels.

Will you fail a drug test if you take Fruta Planta?

PRock Marketing suggests one could fail a blood test if taking the imitation version of the pill that contains sibutramine.

Are there health risks associated with Fruta Planta?

The FDA said in its public notice of Dec. 22, 2010 that it had received multiple reports of adverse events associated with the use of Fruta Planta, including several cardiac events and one death. This had prompted the market recall of the product in January 2011, shortly after the determination that sibutramine, a banned drug, was present in the batch tested by FDA. Sibutramine is known to cause high blood pressure and poses coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure and stroke risks.

Based on its own product label, Fruta Planta is not recommended for use by minors and pregnant or nursing women. It also states that medical consultation is required for those who are at risk for or have a family history of stroke, diseases of the heart, thyroid, liver and kidney, ulcer, diabetes, high blood pressure, caffeine sensitivity, recurrent headaches, anxiety, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty urinating, prostate enlargement, seizure disorder. Those taking antidepressants are likewise advised to consult a doctor before attempting to consume the pill. The Fruta Planta distributor also warns those treating allergy, asthma and cough/colds with over-the-counter drugs, against using the weight loss pill. It also suggests that the pill could be dangerous for those consuming caffeine.

How safe is Fruta Planta?

Fruta Planta is not for everybody because of the range of side effects reported by those who have tried it. Consulting a licensed health practitioner will best determine whether Fruta Planta is safe for you.

Does Fruta Planta cause depression?

Some people have experienced mood swings after taking the pill. The product is also not recommended for those on antidepressants. However, there is no verifiable report that Fruta Planta itself causes depression.

What are the side effects of Fruta Planta?

PRock Marketing maintains that being an all-natural weight loss supplement, Fruta Planta affects people differently based on their particular body chemistry. It admits to the following effects monitored from the pill: dry mouth, trouble sleeping, constipation, sensitive teeth and rashes. However, it says these are all just natural processes associated with the body adjusting to a new substance taken into its system.

While PRock maintains that Fruta Planta has no known long-term side effects, there have been adverse reports with its intake. Based on online discussion forums, Fruta Planta has caused dizzy spells, shortness of breath, headaches, mood swings, chest pain, elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations, urinary tract and kidney infections, skin breakouts, insomnia, stomach problems such as diarrhea or constipation, and eyesight problems among others.

How does Fruta Planta work?

According to its distributor, Fruta Planta works with our body chemistry to curb appetite and eliminate excess fat in such areas as the arms, legs, hips, thighs and buttocks.

With its all-natural ingredients, Fruta Planta is said to cleanse the body of toxins, regulate metabolism by stimulating digestion, neutralize free radicals, strengthen the immune system and help support a healthy cardiovascular system, and reduce arthritis-related inflammation. It is also a source of antioxidants with the lemon and mangosteen; iron, potassium, calcium, beta-carotene and Vitamin A from the bitter melon; and protein, 10 vital minerals, essential fatty acids, B9 or folic acids and Vitamin E from the blue green alga, which is said to be a natural appetite suppressant.

What are the alternatives to Fruta Planta?

In its 2010 update of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the US Department of Agriculture and US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) note that the best way to fight obesity and stay healthy is to cut caloric intake and to increase physical activity.

It says, “A healthy eating pattern limits intake of sodium, solid fats, added sugars, and refined grains and emphasizes nutrient-dense foods and beverages—vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, beans and peas, and nuts and seeds.” If further states that food intake is the ideal way to meet the body’s nutrient needs and that dietary supplements are useful in raising one’s nutrient levels where these are deficient.

According to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, an advisory body to the DHHS, an average person should take at least 1200 calories daily and lose weight at a rate of only 2 lbs per week. It says crash dieting and diet pills only lead to temporary results that dieting alone results not only in loss of fat but also valuable body tissue such as muscle mass.

Can you take Fruta Planta with birth control medicine?

To avoid any adverse drug interaction, it is best to consult an obstetrician-gynecologist when considering Fruta Planta as a weight loss pill.

Does Fruta Planta work for both men and women?

The indicator of whether Fruta Planta will work for you is your body chemistry, not gender. Both men and women have reported successful weight loss with Fruta Planta. More women have reported failing to lose weight by using Fruta Planta.

How old do you need to be to take Fruta Planta? Can teenagers take it?

Fruta Planta affects people differently based on body chemistry and it is specifically not recommended for children.

It is best to have a doctor or licensed health and/or nutrition practitioner determine if Fruta Planta is safe for your child or teenager. Based on its own product label, prior medical consultation is required for those who are at risk for or have a family history of stroke, diseases of the heart, thyroid, liver and kidney, ulcer, diabetes, high blood pressure, caffeine sensitivity, recurrent headaches, anxiety, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty urinating, prostate enlargement, seizure disorder. Those taking antidepressants are likewise advised to consult a doctor before attempting to consume the pill.

The Fruta Planta distributor also warns against using the weight loss pill when treating allergy, asthma and cough/colds with over-the-counter drugs. It also suggests that the drug could be dangerous for those consuming caffeine.

Best Weight Loss Program

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The Wonders of Lemon and Honey

Weight loss is a great topic nowadays. People are ready to do anything to reduce their weight but do not think that a proper diet might help. I stay in India and my grandma has given me a simple solution to cut my weight. When you get up early in the morning, just add two teaspoons each of lemon and honey in warm water, and drink it. You can also have them separately, like take it one day with honey and the next day with lemon. Two things are important here: your stomach should be empty and make sure to use warm water. Bear in mind that honey, when taken in cold water or anything that is not warm, will increase your weight.

It will take some time before you can see the difference in your weight. But if you just keep at it, you will surely see the difference, and I can promise that to you. Taking lemon and honey is not that hard and it can be a daily routine before taking any other drink in the morning. Honey by nature has many medicinal qualities. My mom used to mix it with pepper powder in warm water – a solution that not only helps to reduce weight but also dispels unwanted gas from the body. It will thus make you feel lighter.

This honey-lemon drink routine also complemented my daily walking exercise. My best advice to you is to take daily morning walks at least for 20 minutes, then take honey or lemon mixed in warm water (one or two teaspoons each) after 10 minutes. Stop worrying about your weight because you will see changes in 3 months. Though the result will take some time, this is an effective and easy natural method. This will not do any harm to your body unless you have any allergy problem. Trust me!

- Rafah

Weight loss without side effects with Obeslim

The Ayurvedic supplement Obeslim natural fat burner is ideal to lose weight without side effects.

Obesity is a major issue faced by a large number of people nowadays. The improper intake of nutrients and lack of exercise and intake of foods containing high amounts of fat are the major reasons for obesity. This condition leads to hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, coronary heart disease, gall bladder disease, cancer and sleep apnea.

Gaining weight is a symptom of a body out of balance. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science, views obesity as an imbalance of one’s dosha, specifically the kapha. A person becomes obese when kapha increases, and fat metabolism gets accumulated. Ayurvedic herbs help to reduce kapha, which gets rid of fat accumulation and improves fat metabolism. These medicinal herbs can help in weight loss.

Ayurvedic medicines have been formulated according to the Ayurvedic principle of attaining balance in one’s constitution to stay healthy. It is thus important to remove toxins from the body through natural weight loss products. These help enhance metabolism by reducing the craving for food, thereby the intake of fats and carbohydrates. Natural weight loss products also help in the utilization of nutrients.

Once a person's metabolism is correct, it would be easier to maintain weight through diet control. Along with supplements and herbs, doing exercises is important to reduce and maintain ideal weight. Exercise also helps raise the body's metabolism.

Obeslim natural fat burner is made from a blend of 12 indigenous herbs, which helps to enhance the body metabolism and prevent accumulation of fat. It also destroys the accumulated fat and helps to suppress appetite. Thus Obeslim helps to lose weight without any side effects. For some, it only takes two weeks to see the desired results, weight loss and better health.

- Mary in Holdingford, MN

How Ayurvedic massage oil worked for me

“Obesity or overweight was always a major cause of concern for me until I was advised about a product that was based on Ayurvedic treatment. It changed my world over. Now I'm in good shape and with that comes immense confidence about all the things I do.

“It was that period between my early teenage years and the early tweens when I suffered a lot from the extra fat I was carrying around in my body. Being overweight led to lots of personal problems such as lack of self esteem and confidence. During those days, I never enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror because what I saw embarrassed me. As a result, I was almost always depressed. I took to many cures to reduce my weight, like going for a walk during early morning hours, playing frequently, taking pills and syrups. But none of them proved to work for me.

“After all these trials, it was that advice or suggestion from our family doctor that proved the most effective. He told me to go for a product based on Ayurvedic treatment because this included all the weight loss essentials. Initially, I was skeptical about it but then I decided to give it a try.
“So I bought the product and I must admit it worked. The product was basically massage oil developed from various herbs that help in naturally reducing weight. I was also told that my weight was not only a result of fat accumulation but was also due to my depression. So I had to combat both my issues at the same time, and this massage oil was the best option I could go for.

“The procedures were as follows. I had to lie down straight and the oil would be applied all over my body. Once the oil is applied, I had to lie there for quite some time after which it should be deeply massaged with specific movements. This was done thrice everyday for almost three weeks. Fortunately for me, there were two people who helped me carry out the process.

“After two to three weeks of using this product, I was so surprised to notice drastic changes in me. I eventually lost 8 to 10 kilos and brought my body back to shape and also reinstated my state of mind. I owe all this to my family doctor and the Ayurvedic massage oil.”

— Pringu

Getting back into shape with good diet and exercise

"As I was rapidly gaining weight, I launched a weight loss program to enable me to get back into shape. My doctor had advised that I should take nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and milk to keep my bones strong; and not starve myself. He also recommended that I exercise simultaneously. Though it was difficult, I told myself that if I wanted to lose weight and regain my figure, I had to be tough and keep to the strict regimen.

“On Day 1, I began with a large cup of vegetable soup and after an hour or so, went on to walk on the treadmill for half an hour at a brisk pace. Needless to say, I began to increase my speed as the days went by, and burnt a lot more calories. My treadmill exercises were followed by some abdominal exercises and crunches, which I gradually increased with each passing day. I was careful not to throw myself into doing a lot of exercise one day and ending up with pain for the next couple of days.

“Around 10 each morning, I’d have a tall tumbler of fruit juice made of apple, pomegranate, pineapple, sweet lime, melon, watermelon, grape or whatever fruit was in season. Then at lunch time, I’d have nothing but a variety of healthy home-cooked food like boiled and lightly seasoned sprouts, a whole lot of greens (spinach and the like) and some steamed vegetables like carrots, cabbage, French beans and peas. I was cautioned not to take too much cabbage or cauliflower as these might trigger thyroid problems so I restricted my intake of these two vegetables.

“Every evening, I would go for an invigorating swim for 45 minutes and do some light abdominal exercises. Then I would take a real hot bath to help relieve my tiredness and relax my muscles. My dinner consisted of only one medium-sized chapati (flour made into dough with water, rolled out and fried on a flat pan without oil), a piece or two of chicken and a salad. Before I would hit the sack, I’d have a warm cup of diluted milk to give me the calcium I needed.

“If I felt hunger pangs between meals, I would have a large piece of cucumber or some fruits. I strictly avoided pastries, chocolates, butter and cheese; not to mention chips, hot dogs, pizza and the like. Within a matter of three months, I lost a remarkable amount of weight and was back to my old swanky self. I still watch my figure by cutting out all unhealthy foods and continuing with my daily exercises as they do wonders for my muscle tone and keep me in good shape."

Loads of Compliments

"I was deeply distressed that day when I visited my family doctor. I was suffering from severe stomach pain and had to consult him. “You are killing yourself,” he said the moment he saw me. I was already aware that I had put on considerable weight because all those dresses which were perfect for me no longer fit. But what my doctor pointed out made me pledge to reduce my weight.

“But how to do it became a dilemma. There were many options: exercise, Ayurvedic weight loss treatments, dieting, special oils or tablets, etc. I remembered a friend with this same problem who had become a slim beauty. So when I reached home, I called her right away. She had a number of ideas and suggestions for me. The methodology she told me was a blend of exercise and perfect diet. I had already made a decision not to use any kinds of oils or tablets as its side effects are uncertain.

“From the next day, I started to work hard. The first thing I did was to buy a weighing scale. I was shocked to find out that my weight on that particular day was 83 kg, which was 18 kg more than what I used to weigh. So I resolved to do something about it at once. I prepared a chart in which there were two columns: one for the date and the other for the weight. And fortnightly I started to check and mark it in that sheet.

“Then I made a decision to get up early and walk for an hour. Even after reaching the weight I planned, I continued this habit. Whereas before I would be very lazy of getting up early, I changed a lot when weight loss was my primary concern. As soon as I get up, I drink two glasses of water and go for a walk. I start slowly and then increase my speed. For the first two months, the methodology I followed was just this simple exercise. The result was amazing: I lost 4 kg so my weight was down to 79. Then I became very confident and also joined a good gym. I emphasized my weight loss concern to the instructor from the start. So he suggested to me all kinds of workout to reduce my weight.

“Considering my diet, the first thing I changed was junk food. I was a fan of all kinds of junk food. Whenever I felt like eating unhealthy food, I started to take fruits and vegetable salads. I also drink eight glasses of water even if I don’t like it. I stopped the habit of having food in front of my television. Unknowingly, this provoked me to have more than what I actually need. All these new food habits really helped me a lot. Believe it or not, my weight came to 62 kg after 6 months. It was so refreshing. Then I went back to my family doctor who showered me with loads of compliments. Now I feel proud of myself for making such a decision and for implementing it."

— Shiji

Transformation with Body Gospel Workout

“It was early last year when I realized that I had become majorly overweight and seriously had to do something about it. This obesity got me depressed as I viewed my lifestyle as absolutely pathetic. Then I heard about the Body Gospel workout program from my friend. It is a workout program with an extremely effective methodology to lose weight and involves a fun element too. I began this program and was pleased to find out that I had lost about 25 lbs within a span of one year.

“The Body Gospel workout program generated metabolic activity, known as ketosis, in my body. Basically this activity burns the body’s excess fat reserves. With my depression, my body was storing fat excessively as I was in a state of constant stress. This leads to increasing appetite levels because the body feels frequent hunger pangs due to the need to store fat.

“The Body Gospel workout program incorporates Gospel music which is extremely spiritual and inspirational. Listening to gospel music helped restore my faith in God, which ultimately transformed my body, mind and soul. Through the Body Gospel workout program, I have regained the optimal composure of my mind. Nowadays I react with increased patience and intensity during stress situations. I have also begun to control my emotions better.

“The Body Gospel workout program includes ‘Body Revival’, which I do for about half an hour. This includes a lot of strenuous cardiovascular exercises to lose extra calories and enhance one’s energy level. This is followed by the ‘Core Revelation’, which helps me tone my love handles and shed the extra pounds in the abdominal region.

“The entire program helped me keep my diabetes in check. I have never been more fit both physically and mentally ever since I started the Body Gospel workout program. Today, it has become an inseparable part and parcel of my life.”

— Amrit

Amazingly effective Hoodia Patch

“I started using the Hoodia Patch a couple of weeks ago and they really work. I ordered it over the internet and they were very speedy with delivery in the mail. I received the patches within two days after I placed my order.

“Despite the fact that it took a few days to really start working, when it finally did I could not believe how much it had decreased my appetite. The ingredients that are present in these slimming patches tend to get absorbed straight into your bloodstream and thus reduce your appetite. Now even when I actually eat, I tend to eat much less than before to feel full.

“To be honest with you, I lost about 5 lbs, within the very first week itself, and my husband lost about 6 lbs. Though I was initially very skeptical about this product, I am a supporter now. These patches truly show great results in very little time. So far I have lost 16.25 lbs after using these patches. I have combined it with a healthy diet plan and a regular workout schedule. I have recommended these patches to all of my family members, friends and colleagues at work, who have been looking for an amazing weight loss product that really works. I will certainly order more of these very soon. Thanks so much.

“After using these amazingly effective Hoodia Patches and successfully losing over 16 lbs, I am determined to also order and try out their all new greater strength Hoodia Patches. I have heard great reviews about these patches and it seems to be working really well for a lot of people who have tried it. I have already told all of my family members and friends and now they are ordering these as well.

— Evelyn

Isagenix is her miracle

"I have been on every diet known to man. I've used Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic Diet, American Diabetic Association, The Banana Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, 1000 Calorie Diet, Sego Diet, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, and Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet. Some of the diets that I have tried have long been forgotten, and I never really got anywhere with any of them.

“The diet that I finally found to bring me joy and success is Isagenix. This diet is truly remarkable. I have lost 92 lbs and I am 18 lbs from my weight goal. My sugar problems are non-existent now. I am alert, strong, healthy, and full of energy.

“My sister has lost 80 lbs and kept it off for two years. My husband has lost 60 lbs on Isagenix and my two daughters have lost 50 lbs and 40 lbs each. I haven't felt this healthy and alive since I was a teenager, and I am now 59 years old.
“The scales said I started out at 278 lbs. I was lethargic, dizzy, and weak with severe sugar problems. I could not control my eating and was constantly hungry and looking for carbohydrates. I'd get a short boost of energy and I'd be back on a vicious cycle of eating and resting. This diet absolutely controls my hunger and is so nutritious that even my nurse practitioner is on it. The company has many diet stories of 200, 300 and even 400-lb people that have had success. Isagenix absolutely, positively works!!!

“The supplements are easy to take and even the cleanse days are easy for everyone I know who has been on it. You eat organically and drink lots of water. The pounds just seem to fall off, which keeps you very motivated. I've lost 92 lbs in 11 months and have had no ill effects. On the contrary, I feel 100% better than I have in a long time.

“To think I was so skeptical that this diet would work for me. I had told myself I'd give it one month. But after losing 28 lbs that month and feeling very healthy, I did not want to stop.

“The only negative I can see is that Isagenix is not cheap. Yet, who can put a price on one's health. I'm just glad I've found this diet program."

—Happy dieter in Los Angeles, CA

Weight loss tips that work

There are many people who are looking for the perfect way to lose weight. Some people may take different kinds of weight loss courses to achieve this. Losing weight is not just for cosmetic purposes, it also helps to maintain good health.
To lose weight, you have to slightly change your lifestyle. It is not an easy task; full determination and effort are needed to achieve this goal. A good alternative to ordinary tea is to take green tea instead. Studies show that drinking green tea helps to increase your metabolism level. Thus, it helps to reduce your weight. So you can take green tea.

To burn extra calories, you can take fish oil supplements. Most of the people who like to lose weight have used these fish oil supplements and achieved their goal. So it has proven results.

Avoiding salt in your diet is a great tip as most experts suggest avoiding salt in the diet. If you cut salt in your diet program, you will appear slimmer and less bloated. Extra salt will retain water in the body and make you look puffy around your face and stomach. It is also good to avoid taking salty snacks like chips.
Sugar products are rich in calories. If you do not perform any exercise activity to burn the calories, then the sugars will be stored as fat in your body. So take low sugar snacks and chopped vegetables. It helps to keep you going without feeling hunger pangs.

Without exercise, a weight loss program will have no end point. So with an expert’s consultation, you can choose suitable workouts and perform either in the home or in the gym. Taking small meals of 5-6 times daily will help towards easy and good digestion. You have to follow the weight loss program regularly and it is also good to set a weight loss goal.

-Larry from Kent, WA

What’s good about Himalaya AyurSlim

Obesity can be defined as the condition of having excessive body fat that is unhealthy for your body. We need to burn the calories we take in or else these become body fat. Eating more food than your body can use is a main reason for obesity. The two others are drinking too much alcohol and not getting enough exercise.

Ayurvedic medicinal herbs can help in weight loss. Along with such supplements and herbs, we need to do exercises to lose excess weight and maintain ideal weight. Regular exercises help raise the body's metabolism. Himalaya AyurSlim has a good effect on weight reduction because it helps remove toxins from your body. Just like any Ayurvedic herbal products, it can be securely used with no side effects. It enhances the metabolism and reduces the craving for food, thereby reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates. It also helps in the utilization of nutrients. It is suggested to use two capsules twice a day, after meals. Along with the intake of AyurSlim, you need to have a reduced calorie diet and do half an hour of exercise daily.

It is not advisable to take AyurSlim during pregnancy. It should also not be used by patients with jaundice and renal failure. People who are suffering from problems like diabetes, cardiac problems and high blood pressure can take AyurSlim under medical supervision.

AyurSlim is useful in controlling obesity, hyperlipidemia and craving for sugar. Some of its users have reported losing 5 kg within two weeks and feeling healthier afterwards. Not only is it known to remove accumulated fat, it also enhances fat metabolism and diet control.

- Joyce from Old Hickory, TN

Please Don't Pass the Rice

"When I graduated from college, I decided to stay at home and be lazy. I had just spent the last 24 years of my life laboring away in schools and doing odd jobs during my spare time. I thought I deserved some self-imposed house arrest, except if I were to go out purely to have some fun.

“So for more than six months, I was basically at home and the most rigorous task I did was cleaning the house. I rediscovered my mom's mouth-watering dishes and desserts, and did not think of ever getting some form of exercise. I would also go out with my friends on trips to the mall that would usually end up in a hamburger place or an ice cream parlor that didn't help my case. Before I knew it, I had gained 20 lbs in three months.

“My body type always leaned towards average, I was never skinny or fat, but this was absolutely the heaviest I had been. So I thought of going to the bookstore to find something to help me lose the extra poundage. Among all the books I found in the shelves, one caught my eye. It was a small and relatively thin paperback, and if I remember right it didn't cost me more than $10. But it was the title that really stood out. On large bold letters across the front cover, I read Please Don't Pass The Rice. Coming from an Asian family that considers rice a staple food in the house (and even when dining out), I realized this is exactly what I needed! So I whipped up some additional art supplies, and paid for my purchases including this diet book with the interesting title.

“I thought the book would be perfect for me, and I was right. It was designed for people who eat rice on a regular basis. Rice, as we all know, shouts carbo like no other. And from there we get the extra insulation, the stored fat that we all abhor. Its main thought was dieting in such a way that you prevent yourself from eating what you have grown accustomed to eating. And that will of course prevent you from eating too much, as you don't attack your meals with your usual enthusiasm.

“The thing is that's all it really stresses. Eliminate rice. I could still eat bread, although I don't really eat as much of that as I did with rice. Eliminate that which regularly composes your meals. It changes your entire attitude towards your meals, and it doesn't starve you to death. It was very hard to do, yes, but my family helped me with the process all throughout. They would keep the rice placed on the other side of the table, way out of my reach. Sometimes I would not eat together with them on meals, and opted to eat alone so I don't salivate over their food.

“At first I did the diet alone, but after a couple of weeks I began to see some tiny changes in the way I fit my clothes (I was practically bursting from my jean seams at one point), and I figured why not do some exercise as well, so I don't end up with hanging skin on my arms, legs, and tummy. So I would walk and jog around the three-block radius of our neighborhood in the late afternoons. I found that I liked doing it in the afternoons as opposed to mornings when I had a very hard time of even getting out of bed.

“After six weeks on the no-rice diet and my walking-jogging trips, I was back to my original weight. I have since moved to another city for a job, and now live on my own. I don't eat as much rice now as when I was living at home, but I use the same principle whenever I feel the need to curb my food intake and prevent myself from gaining weight, or lose some pounds I recently put on. Eliminate that which regularly composes your meals. It is such a simple and basic scheme, but it is brilliant."

— Yuppy in Alhambra, CA

Proper diet and yoga for weight loss

"I was on the heavier side and weighed a staggering 75 kilos. Because of my heavy weight, I had high blood pressure, suffered from acidity, constipation and had several other problems. I always had gripping pain in my chest and the doctors advised me to lose weight and go for a less stressful lifestyle.

“First, I joined a gym and it turned out to be a disaster. While I did lose, I’d regain it after just a few days. Finally, I consulted a dietician who suggested a weight loss diet that worked out very well. Within three months, I lost 5 kg and slowly within a year, my weight reduced to 60 kg. Now I am perfectly fit and fine.

“A few important weight loss secrets that I want to share are:

• Whole, as in whole grains or whole fruit, is always the better option.
• Juices are nothing more than sugary water. So it is better to eat whole fruits as it is rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers.
• Nuts are good but one should always keep track of how much one eats as too much can be dangerous.
• Always remember that gaining weight is easier than losing weight.

“I sincerely followed a weight loss diet that comprised a wholesome breakfast of toast, a glass of milk and any seasonal fruit, a light lunch of rice, pulses and veggies and an early dinner. I was advised never to skip any meals. My weight loss effort has helped me develop a healthier approach towards life and has made me more disciplined in life.

“I have also been doing yoga as weight loss has led to facial wrinkles. By doing yoga, my skin has a healthy glow. It also prevents excessive sagging and dryness, improves the blood circulation, reduces body toxins and acidity."

— Wholesome in Harvey, ND

Losing Weight: Is it ever easy?

For those of us who have struggled to lose weight over the years, promises of quick fixes can either excite us or fall on deaf ears depending on how we're feeling about ourselves. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember, sometimes slimming down only to regain the weight a few months later. Fortunately, I've finally found a solution that is easy, simple and works for me. My friends have tried similar approaches and have also succeeded. .It's not quick nor happens overnight, but it works.

So, what is the recipe for success?

Firstly, I stopped thinking about food all of the time. It seems strange but it can be done. How? I just find other things to focus on, and keep in mind how I'd feel once the weight is lost.

Then I reduced my carbohydrate intake – not through anything like Atkin's or other low carb diets, but just by cutting back on the amount. And I don't generally mix carbs with proteins.

I eat less than I did before. Not a lot less, but once I've put what I think is the right amount on my plate, I take a small spoonful or so off. Unless I'm really hungry, I don't go back for more.

I only eat food that I think is tasty – preferably delicious.

So, for example, I had a poached egg with cheese on top with some lovely hand-carved ham this morning. Some mornings, I have toast or some crackers with cheese. But I do eat breakfast every morning, something I didn't used to do. And I really enjoy it.

Then for lunch, I’ll have either some soup, chicken or fish in sauce, a salad with a really tasty dressing, and maybe some delicious cheese or yoghurt-based vegetable dish – it all depends on how I feel. Something similar is for dinner – I do try to eat more at lunch and less in the evenings, but it depends on whether I’m socializing and what people around me are doing.

So there’s really no secret magic recipe, but my top tips based on what have worked so well for me are:

  • Eat a bit less than normal.
  • Reduce your carbs and eat more protein.
  • Visualize what you’ll look and feel like when you’re slim.
  • Stop worrying and thinking about food all of the time.

Hydroxycut Helped Me to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau and Help Me Feel Better

Let me start off by telling you a little about me. My name is Jason and I am about to turn 31 years old in a couple of days when I am writing this. Now out of my 30 years that I have been alive so far I have been obese for at least 2/3's of that. The simple facts were that I wasn't getting any exercise unless it was mandated by schools and I was sabotaging myself with horrible eating habits, half a gallon of coke for the day? No problem!

When I turned into my second decade I started to get serious about wanting to lose weight, I started exercising better and my diet became cleaner (not to suggest it was anywhere near perfect) at first I started losing weight and I felt great. After all when you are working out you want to see results, you want to feel better about yourself sure, but you want to be able to feel it in your clothes and see it in the mirror.

When I reached my first plateau about four months into losing weight I was disheartened, I felt like I was doing something wrong, I felt like I was doing something wrong because let's face it, I was doing the same exact exercise, I wasn't eating anything extra, but yet I wasn't losing any weight? That is when I saw an ad for Hydroxycut, and I have to say it made a massive difference in working out.

When I first started taking Hydroxycut I noticed that I was less sleepy, I had more energy and I felt like someone had turned up the furnace inside my stomach, overall I felt my metabolism getting a kick start. Even though I don't consider it a "miracle drug" it certainly helped me, it gave me more energy, it surprised some appetite and it allowed me to break through my first plateau when it came to losing weight, thus keeping me motivated to continue.

If you are already doing solid on your weight loss and you want to give yourself a little boost, I can safely recommend Hydroxycut as a good supplement, it helped me!

My Alli Diet Pills Review -15 lbs of Weight Loss in Few Weeks

ALLI ORLISTAT WEIGHT LOSS 60mg REFILL BOTTLE 60 CAPSSince the birth of my son, I have struggled to get back to my slim youthful size. I had managed to trim off 10 lbs over the course of five months by eating smaller portions and walking every day. My class reunion was five months away and I still had 15 lbs to lose. My weight loss had hit a plateau and I was actually starting to gain weight back.

In desperation I decided to try Alli weight loss capsules. Alli is a knocked down version of the prescription drug Orlistat. I was very nervous about taking a drug for weight loss. I read that you can have horrible side-effects from some online forums and almost didn’t take it.

The starter Alli kit contains some booklets and instructs you to sign up on the website for a custom plan. The website turned out to be a very useful weight loss tool. I was able to customize a menu plan for myself. Alli worked for me because I was terrified of eating foods that contained too many grams of fat and would cause me to get ill.

Alli Weight-Loss Aid, Orlistat 60mg Capsules, 120-Count Refill Pack
I also found that using the website helped me in line for exercise. I began to exercise more and more. The first week was disappointing when I gained a lb, but I lost 6 lbs the second week. I was able to effectively lose those 15 lbs and look fantastic for my class reunion.

While I do believe the Alli works well, I think that part of the reason it worked as well as it did was due to the placebo effect. I believe that I would have lost weight without taking Alli if I had followed the diet and exercise regimen that I did while taking Alli. I don’t believe that I would have lost as much without Alli thought. I also feel that Alli helped me break through my weight loss plateau and is good choice for slow and consistent weight loss.


Hardly known are sources of weight gains; sitting at a counter all day or just intake too many fast foods including oily foods and not exercising enough. The genuine problem arises as soon as they find out how difficult it is to get release of that unwanted weight.

We all desire a rapid and easy way to lose weight. There are fairly a number of weight loss products, existing for sale which upholds to propose you weight loss. Some declares you will lose weight fast and loose belly fat without exercise. Moreover, suggest many other similar ways of losing weight.

Weight loss tablets are also known as diet pills. These are available for years and they all offer weight loss. Manufactures of diet pills generally declare, they will hold back the appetite, allowing you to feel full and reduce the requirement to eat, which in change will formulate you to lose weight. If you prefer weight loss pills or diet pills to assist you to lose weight, you will hit on several dissimilar alternatives and price options. Several weight loss pills are sold over in the pharmacy section of most stores. Rarely, few of them available by prescription only.

Prior to taking any weight loss pills, either over-the-counter or prescription you should seek advice from your family doctor. There are protein drinks and high energy drinks, as well as enormous variety of items for weight loss in the fitness stores. In view of the fact, that these weight loss products are made from natural sources such as fruits, exotic berries and vegetables. These are much healthier than those found in other manufacturer products. Running or doing exercises burn calories in an empty stomach. By this way you will burn fat and u will lose weight faster.

Drink water, minimum 2 liters of water every day. These are the best way to lose weight. Making small changes in your diet will keep you fit.

The Ultimate Weight loss Product for You - John

This course is one of those which I have tried after many. The effects have been really working for me and I should say with remarkable effect. I was having weight at my abdominal side which started vanishing from the first few days.

I really should admit that I felt no weakness during my days work as well. I never faced any challenge in comparison to many where I had to sacrifice my favorite food as well. I never believed it at the first hand but definitely an easy way to stay healthy and still lose weight. I feel so confident to wear my attire which usually looked awkward due to bulges here and there.

I used to work out for at least 30 minutes but could not continue the same due to daily work and life demands. In one week, the change started showing that my friends and neighbors started noticing the same.

The confidence levels which always used to be low which I have heard of many of us who wish to lose weight, has now risen to that level that I have now bought few sleeve less stuff for my casuals dressing as well.

Another change that I felt personally is with regard to energy levels during day. I used to always feel little lazy walking and even going out to the super market to collect household stuff.

Now I am faster and even my kids have no complaints on my slow style as they call it. My weekends are mostly out of my house compared to my usual' sit at home ' style. The rings I loved to wear on my fingers are now in place from my jeweler box. Now I never deny the tempting offers from friends for those yummy chicken nuggets and chocolates. My coco pudding is now back in my menu too.

So if there are people like me who wish to get back to normal food habits but still not fear of fat, just go for it as its never late or wrong to try something little late till now. Sweetness of life is when you don’t sacrifice what you like when it comes to your family and the happiness and joy of the tasty food and your favorite dresses put on you without anyone starring at you with pity for those lost curves and a cool walk.

Self Weight Loss Success Story

The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio MaxThis is a real story and whether you want to believe or not it is up to you. I am Sudipta and I was 84 kgs. As usual used to look very fatty those days. It was because of post pregnancy and my food habit. I used to love taking potato as an ingredient in almost all foods.

One day I decided to lose few kilos from and I thought of joining VLCC weight loss program. They used to charge 18000 INR (Indian Rupees) those days, if I remember correctly. I went there and find it is of no use. They promised that I will lose 18kgs but I lost only 3kgs. I left that program with a lot of frustration and went to my family physician. To find the root cause of this fatness.

He gave me a diet chart and it was without potato, without sweets. My starting days of losing weight was very miserable. I had to control myself a lot. But I was determined and I decided myself to get a beautiful figure as I was before pregnancy. I started to follow that diet chart strictly and loss around 5 kgs. That time I was 79kgs.

My husband told me why don't you join gym? I thought of instead joining in gym better I will go for regular household work. I started doing all those household work that I can’t even imagine of doing. Started running behind kid, started doing dusting, cleaning and all the staff. I started losing weight and over a period of 6 months I became 63kgs.

Element: Pilates Weight Loss for BeginnersI am 5 ft 5 inches tall. And now I look an ideal figure almost. People who knows me they started saying that I went back to my college days and doesn’t look like a mother of 10 years old daughter. This is an appreciation indeed for me.

Losing weight was a project for me but maintaining it is also a challenging one. I still maintain diet hart provided by my family physician. I started taking potato, sweets all my in limited quantity. I don’t feel exhausted like earlier when I was 84 kgs.

I hope being a human being if you determine to do something you can do it all with your effort, don’t have to waste money with all bull-shit weight reducing program. Decide your own and try it out, you can do it very well.

Body Gospel Review

Body GospelBeing overweight can be extremely damaging and fatal for the health of a person. Obesity can cause serious damages to the heart and abdominal muscles, amongst the overall health. Hence, it is extremely important for a person to remain fit and lose weight through vigorous physical training.

Body Gospel workout is a training program suitable for people belonging to all ages. It is weight loss courses that will not only be effective for losing weight; but will also combine fun and entertainment along with it. The Body Gospel workout program leads to tremendous metabolic activity in the body which is popularly referred to as ketosis. It leads to the activation of burning of the extra fat reserves. As a result, there is increase in appetite leading to frequent spells of hunger.

The best part about this program is that it consists of extremely inspirational Gospel music inspirational so that one’s conviction in God is restored towards the transformation of one’s body and the entire course of life. There is inclusion of Body Revival’ for about 30 minutes, in which lots of cardiovascular exercises are to be done so that calories of the body get burnt optimally and the energy levels are increased for the rest of the day.

The ‘Core Revelation’ is to be carried out for about 15 minutes so that the abdominal muscles get toned and the fat in the areas of the thighs and the back get burnt. The ‘Stretch in the Spirit’ involves tremendous stretching and respiratory exercises, so that the overall flexibility of the body is increased.

Basically the effectiveness of the Body Gospel workout program has been accepted by most of the people who have undergone this training. They have given a feedback that the program not only helps then lose weight and control heart problems and prevents the occurrence of diabetes; but also helps to keep their mind at peace. On the whole, the program should certainly be incorporated in the daily routine.

The Primal Blueprint Review - I lost 100lbs in One Year

The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energyMy first year of graduate school was not easy on my waistline. After my first year, I was tipping the scales at 350 lbs. For the next two years, I tried a number of low fat diets. None of them seemed to work very well for me.

Over the two years, I had lost around 10 lbs. or so, which was very disheartening. I was still obese and very unhappy. A random conversation with a friend on Facebook changed my life around.

An old friend of mine, Tiffany, told me she had lost 50 lbs on some crazy caveman diet called the Primal Blueprint. She followed a blog called Mark’s Daily Apple, and used many of the primal nutrition products sold there. I figured I would give it a shot and learned about the diet and products.

It turns out that it was very similar to the Atkin’s diet. It is a low carbohydrate diet with an emphasis on eating organic meat and vegetables. If you can’t grow it or kill it, it is off the menu. That means no dairy, grains, and any other form of processed foods.

The controversial part of the diet comes from the fact that 50% of the calories you eat every day should come from fat sources. At first, I had a hard time wrapping my head around how a diet that high in fat could be healthy for you. One of the advantages of being a college student is free access to journal articles. This allowed me to check all of the references, facts, and ideas that the Primal Blueprint suggests.

Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals: Delicious, Primal-approved meals you can make in 2 to 20 minutesAfter a few weeks of research, I came to realize that it has never once been absolutely proven that saturated fats cause weight gain or heart attacks. I figured I would be safe, even though this went against everything conventional wisdom suggests. After doing the research, I followed the diet perfectly for the next year.

So far I have lost over 100 pounds and have boundless energy. I also eat roughly twice the amount of food as I did before, and I’m happier than I have ever been. This program has saved my life and I think everyone should try it before instantly dismissing it like many of my friends have.

Weight Watchers On Line Review

Weight Watchers New Complete CookbookAs I entered my early thirties, the weight that had been slowing creeping up on me in the past few years, bloomed into more than just pudge or some womanly curves; I was really overweight. And I felt it. I was always tired and not as much fun as I had once been; I was more irritable and none of my clothes fit; I was wearing more and more baggy clothes and less colors.

I’d had enough. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big girl; I like my curves and my curves like me. I just needed to get back down to a weight that didn’t interfere with me doing the things I loved to do. Once I resolved to change my weight, the question was ‘which plan to choose’?

I am a total foodie, so a diet plan made of prepackaged meals was just not going to work for me. I get mean when I’m hungry and the thought of cutting out certain foods groups in their entirety had absolutely no appeal.

After some research into the subject I choose weight watchers. I chose the online weight watchers because with my schedule, I never have the same day off from work each week, and because I loved the idea of being able to have support, information, recipes and guides at my fingertips twenty-four hours a day.

Weight Watchers Take-Out Tonight! : 150+ Restaurant Favorites to Make at Home--All 8 POINTS or LessThe online system has been amazing. I lost four pounds the first week, before losing an average of two pounds a week after that. Even when the plan changed, I continued to lose an average of two pounds a week without a hitch. The plan works because nothing is off-limits, but the plan helps you to assume responsibility for the choices you make and guides you towards making healthy choices.

As a chunky girl who loves food, starving or even being hungry is not my idea of a good time, yet with this plan, I was full and satisfied and felt great; I ate rib roast on Christmas and pizza when I wanted it. I ate out with friends and really enjoyed watching my body change.

I am very happy with my experience with Weight Watchers and am almost down to my goal weight; once there, I plan to be a lifetime member; it’s just that good.

Sonoma Diet Review - Wine, Chocolate, and Better Living.

The New Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, More Energy in Just 10 DaysI was extremely pleased when I tried the Sonoma Diet. I have tried to simply eat better or eat out less, but the Sonoma Diet had some really good recommendations. Basically, you begin the diet by going off sugar and carbs for a week. This was VERY painful as I was craving it all the time. But, after that week, you can then add fresh fruit – and my favorite, a glass of wine a night.

The diet emphasizes fresh food and lean meat along with much smaller portion sizes. They have great recipes that can be used throughout the week and delicious spice rubs in the cookbook. There is a supplemental cookbook that I also bought and I still use it. I liked that the book emphasized that this was not a restrictive diet, but a healthy way of eating, so that if you eat poorly for a day or even a meal, you are not “off your diet.” You just need to make better choices at the next meal.

The Sonoma Diet CookbookWhile some of the healthy eating advice did ring a little cheesy, the food was really good and the recipes were pretty easy and quick, so it was a diet I could do. In six weeks, I lost about ten pounds and I kept it off until I got pregnant. I also found that I eat less bread and less sugar as a lasting effect.

Unfortunately, I still struggle with portion sizes. Now that I have had the baby, I am planning to go back on the diet. I feel confident that the diet will work for me because I can cook one night and use it the next day for lunch. The flavorful food is really delicious and I still cook with the rubs. In short, if you want a diet that encourages you to have a glass of wine and to cook tasty food, this is a great diet for you.

Weight Reduction and Control - Diet Pill Options Made Easy

Alli Weight-Loss Aid, Orlistat 60mg Capsules, 120-Count Refill PackThere are millions of people in the world who are searching for the best products to lose weight. There are also numbers of weight loss products are available in the market. But people are so confused on taking the products, because they do not know which the best weight loss products are and how they can perform without causing any danger to the health.

Diet pills and some supplements have side effects, so it is better to make some changes in your lifestyle by taking a balanced nutrition food. But some cannot resist their temptation to eat certain kind of food in which they are interested. For certain type of people there are some pills and they can choose pills and supplements.

Carb-Blockers can be taken by the people who are frequently taking food which are rich source in carbohydrates. It is the best choice for losing weight and it has capacity to stop the deposit the fat forming.

Metabolism boosters will also help the people to lose weight. People who are having slow metabolism can use this metabolism booster to lose their weight. Metabolism boosters will raise the efficiency of the body to burn the additional calories.

Metabo EXtreme Fat Burner Weight Loss Diet Pill 60 CapsFat Burners eliminate the strong fat deposits from the body. Whey Protein Shakes is the best choice to lose weight. It is the best quality of protein and it is complete protein. Naturally protein has the feature to lose weight. Number of people who wants to lose their weight uses the whey protein. You can take whey protein shakes supplement to achieve your desired result. It contains high protein, low fat, high fiber, low calorie, and low level of sodium. These pills and supplements will help you to lose your weight considerably. But it is also good to consult your doctor before using these weight loss products.

Looking for Fast Way to Lose Belly Fat - I Lost 10 lbs in Unhealthy Way with Heating Belt

From Belly Fat to Belly Flat: How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waist and Subtracting Years from Your Life -- the Medically Proven Way to Reset Your Metabolism and Reshape Your BodyA few months ago I happened to see a product in the television program that boasted about reducing fat and people's weight. As I was planning to reduce my extra weight which was too hight for my age, I decided to buy the product. The advertisement shown said that by using a belt type with heating capacity can reduce your weight almost 5 - 8 kg in 15 days time... It was amazing ...

As I planned I purchased the product which was a bit costly and started using that as per the instruction given with the product. In couple of days itself I came to know that the product seemed to be a waste. This worked mainly on the system of heating. Tie the belt wherever you like to reduce your extra fat, namely belly, thighs arms etc.,

Tying that belt on the belly created a sort of burning sensation of the stomach, that resulted stomach trouble for number of days continuously even after giving up the belt exercise, automatically due to continuous stomach trouble my weight reduced more than 5 K.Gs.

 I wondered if this was the idea of the people who invented the belt creating continuous stomach trouble by the heating method of the belt and thereby reducing the weight. It is always good to do ordinary exercises like walking jogging doing yoga or maintaining diet control to reduce the weight.

Special K Diet Challenge Really Works - I've Lost 6lbs in Only 2 Weeks - My Review

Special K Cereal, Original, 18-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)Everyone's heard about this lately, and you see it plastered all over every product of theirs in the grocery store - The Special K challenge suggests that you can lose up to 6 lbs, or one jean size, in just two weeks.

Sounds like just a really great marketing scheme, doesn't it? Plus, I've always thought these "fad diets" were silly - impossible to maintain. But losing a jean size was sounding pretty good, and I figured two weeks of eating things that I already eat (cereal, protein bars, fruit, etc.) would be worth a try. And it was a plan that wouldn't cost me a fortune.

Basically, the instructions are to eat a specific portion of Special K cereal (or meal shakes or meal bars, they have many choices) for breakfast and lunch every day, with two snacks in between, being either their snack bars or a piece of fresh fruit.

Dinner is up to you - whatever healthy choice you might normally make, so long as you don't pig out. Drinks are fair game too (again, of course, assuming you aren't chugging milk shakes every day). Simple enough, right? It was easy to follow, straight forward, and I didn't feel like I was starving the whole time.

Well, after two weeks of this meal plan, along with regular exercise on my Wii Fit program, it really worked!

Wii Fit Plus with Balance BoardMany people may argue that when you do diets like this, you will only gain the weight back after you get tired of that food, but honestly, after limiting my intake of foods for two weeks, I feel that I am out of my previous habit of overindulging and overeating.

I've really learned how to have self control on my portions, snacks, and meal choices. Though I probably won't continue to eat only Special K for breakfast and lunch, I'll be able to take what I learned from the experience to maintain a healthy figure. And that is the best way to stay healthy!

Ortho Core Vitamins Helped me to Lose 100 lbs in Addition to Workout and Counting Calories

Ortho Core (180 Capsules) Brand: A.O.R Advanced Orthomolecular ResearchEveryone seems to want to lose weight, but almost nobody seems able to do it. In fact, the rate of failure constantly comes in at over ninety percent. It does not have to be that way though.

Some people, myself included, actually have managed to lose weight and keep it off. Personally, I attribute some of my success to Ortho Core vitamins from Advanced Orthomolecular Research. I know, this doesn’t seem very intuitive. Vitamins, for weight loss? However, one of the big mistakes people make when planning to lose weight is stressing too much on exercise. Yes, one’s workout is important. But in many ways the stress of what’s important in weight loss has just flip flopped over the years instead of wound up being closer to a solid truth.

Back in the eighties, it was all about dieting. Being in shape had more to do with how little fat was on a person, than how toned and healthy they looked. So people tended to just stop eating, not work out, and end up horribly sick.

It was a terrible way to lose weight, and eventually society realized that. And the stress wound up going to a workout. Not eating as much tended to get lost along the way. And the usual result has been people burning 50 calories on a small walk, and then eating 300 calories on getting back home. Which doesn’t work, at all.

Instead, the way to lose weight is to eat less and work out. And this is where ortho core came in for me. It’s really, really, difficult to keep a balanced diet while also maintaining a certain caloric limit.

Having a supplement that I trusted, that was from a company which put obvious care into the source of their ingredients, was a big help to me. I could concentrate on limiting calories instead of what percentage of a particular nutrient was in any food. And then have a sensible workout on top of that solid base.

And the end was a total loss of over a hundred pounds during that one year period.

Weight Watchers Dieting Helped me to Lose Baby Fat After 3 Pregnancies

Weight Watchers Weight Loss That LastsI have three wonderful children – each one is my pride and joy, each is a precious treasure, and each came with a special gift - 20 pounds of “after-baby” fat that, thankfully, I always managed to lose within six months of childbirth. I followed the Weight Watchers plan after each of my pregnancies. It was the perfect match for my lifestyle.

Weight Watchers worked well for me because I could eat nearly everything I usually ate, only in controlled portions, which were generous in size, and never left me feeling empty or hungry after meals.

After my third child’s birth a few years ago, Weight Watchers’ frozen food line was available in most grocery stores, and it made my post-delivery dieting even simpler. I stocked up my freezer, and could grab a quick lunch, or filling breakfast sandwich on the go; on nights when the family had pizza, I would treat myself to one of my favorite Weight Watchers dinners – the meatloaf that actually tasted homemade, or their baked potato with broccoli and truly creamy cheese, and a fresh salad. I felt satisfied, and didn’t really miss that slice of pizza – well, hardly not.

I discovered two secrets that made my after-baby dieting successful. I made sure I was ready to start my program the day I came home from the hospital. I stocked up on my diet foods and fresh items ahead of time, and getting into my diet routine immediately on my first day home quickly set in motion patterns and habits that sustained me through the months ahead.

Secondly, I was easy on myself. A baby’s first year is a time of stress and major change. I was generous with my benchmarks. The one-year mark worked well for me – I didn’t feel pressured by time, and I was never hard on myself if I fell off the wagon for a few days, or my weight loss came to a standstill or plateau. There was time enough to recover.

Oh, and one other little secret - that brand new baby; there’s no better incentive to get back into shape than a brand new baby who depends on you for everything.

Whey Protein Shake Meal and Workout - Best Recipe to Help You Lose Weight and Burn Calories

All of my life, I have always been overweight, and at times, even obese. During my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I realized that my lifestyle was unhealthy and something had to be done.

I lost over fifty pounds in less than a year by drinking protein shakes. I would have a protein shake as soon as I wake up, and right before I went to sleep. I also drank a protein shake after a workout.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 PoundIt is not enough to just drink the protein shake itself. One must have an active lifestyle consisting of both cardiovascular and resistance training. One's eating habits must also change in order to transform his or her body with protein powder. During this time, I have five to six small, healthy meals spread throughout the day. I would have a meal about every three hours.

One's drinking habits must also change. During this journey of losing weight and getting fit, I only drank protein powder mixed with water, and water by itself. Before going to bed, I would mix the protein powder with milk instead of water because the protein content in milk allows for slower digestion throughout the night to prevent metabolism.

The type of protein powder I was consuming was whey protein. The brand does not really matter, but aim for something that has at least twenty grams of protein and less than two hundred calories.

After weight loss is achieved, a healthy lifestyle is necessary in order to hold on to this success. I have also experienced a huge success in weight loss, but then stopped what I was doing and gained half of the weight before I even realized I was gaining weight. You don't want to lose weight forever though. Once you are at your targeted weight, consume just enough calories to maintain your weight.

Fruta Planta Chinese Diet Pills for Weight Loss Help Me Lose 20 lbs - My Success Story

Acai Berry Optimum -- Best All-Natural Weight Loss Supplement. Better Than Fruta Planta, and Better Than 2 Day DietMy name is Desiree and since I had my daughter three years ago I have struggled to keep my weight under control. It’s been nearly impossible for me to lose even a couple pounds. I tried all with no results.

Recently I started buying some products from China; it started with clothes and moved on to beauty products. On one of the websites I like to putter around on I found Fruta Planta and I have been taking it on and off for a few months now.

I’ve lost 20 pounds on Fruta Planta. There are a few side effects that one should know about. While I’m taking Fruta Planta I do get a little nervous and have dry mouth but I drink water and chew gum and slight nervousness is really worth suffering through for the results I’ve gotten.

I plan on losing another 20 pounds over the next couple months and I will be at my target weight for the first time in nearly six years. I certainly recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight.

Weight Watchers Online Weight Loss Program - I lost 32 lbs in 3 Months!

Weight Watchers All-Time Favorites: Over 200 Best-Ever Recipes from the Weight Watchers Test KitchensIn October 2010 I enrolled in Weight Watchers Online program. At the time I weighed 240 pounds and really needed to lose weight. I have tried many diets and they had not worked but I saw an internet ad for this online program and I decided to try it.

After signing up and studying the documents that came along with the program I was ready to start the next morning. Each day I use the tools that come along with the program to plan my days meals. I search for the foods I am going to eat to determine how many points each item is. If the food does not come up in the search I enter the nutrition details of the food in the calculator to determine their point value. Then I enter them into my daily record.

To my surprise the amount of food that I am able to eat while losing weight has been comfortable and the plan allows me to eat without worrying whether or not I am overeating. All I have to do is stay within my point allowance for the day.

If I have a special event to go to there are weekly points that I can draw from which allows me to go to family dinners and special events without worrying about ruining my diet. The program aims to help me lose about two pounds per week. In the early weeks I lost about three to four pounds per week. Now after almost three months I am losing about two pound each week.

So far I have lost 32 pounds and I've lost almost five inches on my waist. I have only exceeded my points allowance one week because we had three special events in one week and I went over by seventeen points because I ate cake at my anniversary dinner. For that week I only lost one pound but it was still a victory because the next day I was back on the plan and having more good days.

I feel like I will succeed with my weight loss plan because the online program takes care of the toughest aspect of losing weight, which is maintaining. The plan provides assistance as I work to maintain my loss.

I am very excited about learning how to keep my weight off and about Weight Watchers and I am enjoying the new me I am becoming.

Counting Carbs - The Best Diet to Lose Weight

The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting: Featuring the Tools and Techniques Used by the Experts (Marlowe Diabetes Library)The only way I’ve been able to lose weight consistently and keep it off has been to count carbohydrates. I needed to lose sixty pounds and I didn’t want to put it back on. I’d tried Weight Watchers, powders, and even hypnosis, but nothing had worked. 

Finally, I asked my doctor what he’d suggest. He told me that counting carbs could be the answer I’d been searching for. He gave me a chart of foods and their carbohydrate values, and told me not to eat more than fifty grams of carbohydrates a day. Anything I wanted to eat was fine, as long as I kept it under fifty. 

I was skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose. The next day I had bacon for breakfast—a lot of bacon. For lunch, I had a huge salad with chicken on it. I ate smoked sausage for a snack and meat and vegetables for dinner. I discovered that if I wanted to eat a carb-heavy meal like spaghetti for dinner, I wouldn’t eat things with many carbs in them for the rest of the day. 

I ate anything I wanted, but I balanced it out. My basic rule of thumb was to avoid white foods—pasta, noodles, potatoes, bread, and sugar—except in small quantities from time to time. I read packages and cans to make sure I knew how many carbs a food had, and I kept a careful count. I bought a book that listed the carbohydrate counts of basic foods as well as food from restaurants. 

The pounds started coming off. In a little over five months, I had lost sixty pounds. I have kept the weight off for seven years now. 

ADA Complete Guide to Carb CountingI found out that the more color a food had, generally the better it was for me. Strawberries, for example, are a great sweet treat with very few carbohydrates. Carrots, while higher in carbs than some other vegetables, made for a delicious crunchy snack . Even high-fat foods like sausage and bacon were welcome; the fat made me feel fuller longer. 

Because I had to eat on the go sometimes, I developed fast-food strategies including buying two crunchy tacos for lunch (only 11 grams each), eating the first one as it was, and then eating just the filling out of the second. Not eating the shell saved carbs. I also would buy a sausage biscuit for breakfast but only eat the bottom half of the biscuit. Again, I got the same taste without as many carbs. 

I’m so glad my doctor recommended counting carbohydrates and encourage other people seeking to lose weight to give it a try!